English meaning: to fold
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “falten”
    Material: α. plo- as 2. composition part in adj. as Gk. ἁ-πλός ‘simple, just”, δι-πλός, δίπλαξ “ twofold “ (compare Arm. haɫ “Mal”), Lat. simplus, duplus, duplex, triplus, triplex “ein-, two-, dreifach”, Umbr. dupla “ double, twice as large, twice as much “, tuplak acc. sg. n. “duplicem”, tripler “triplis”; M.Ir. dīabul “double” (*du̯ei-plo-); Goth. twei-fls “doubt”, O.H.G. zvīfal “dubious”, m. “doubt”, probably also Av. bifra- n. “ comparison, Ähnlichkeit”, in Gk. besides die Umbildungen of type ἁπλόος (to πλοῦς) and Ion. διπλήσιος; further with older t- Ableitg. (see under) διπλάσιος, Dor. διπλάτιος etc. “double, double so groß” (*pl̥ti̯o-; δίπαλτος “ twofold “ from *δίπλατος). β. Alb. palë (*pol-nü) “ crease, row, Joch, pair”; Gk. πέπλος m. “Frauengewand”; O.Ice. fel f. (*falja-) “furrow, stripe, crease “, Nor. fela f. “Faltenmagen”. γ. -to-nouns and verbs: O.Ind. puṭati “umhũllt with”, puṭa- m. n. “ crease, Tũte, pouch “ (*pulta-), M.Ir. alt “junctura, artus” (a Reduct. from IE о, as perhaps also O.Ind. puṭa-), redupl. strong. V. Goth. falÞan “fall”, O.Ice. falda “den Kopf cover”, O.E. fealdan, O.H.G. faltan “fold”, weak. V O.Ice. falda “fold”, O.E. fealdian, O.H.G. faltōn ds., O.Ice. faldr m. “ crease, Zipfel, Kopfputz the Frau”, feldr m. (*faldi-) “mantle”, M.H.G. valte “ crease, convolution, angle “; Goth. ain-falÞs, O.H.G. einfald, -t, O.Ice. einfaldr, O.E. ünfeald ‘simple, just” under likewise
    References: WP. II 55 f., WH. I 383 f.;
    See also: perhaps identical with pel-3b and pel-4.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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